The True Reality and Higher Purpose of Woman has been so censored and rejected by modern religious and intellectual cultural authorities, that it can be factually stated that mankind has been deprived and even robbed of his true potential and inheritance.   While traditionally, woman has been viewed only in her reproductive and sexual role, her true esoteric potential and reality which has often been suppressed either by male-dominated religious systems, and/or philosophical ignorance, has had the effect of rendering most of mankind's intellectual and cultural concepts flat-lined and  virtually worthless and mentally inhibiting.   Moreover, that women are for the most part totally ignorant of their true relationship to that of men -- and both genders have virtually no idea that they can only bring about their true potential through their joining and oneness, is a reality that few men and woman are even prepared to come to terms with.   Few men and woman have ever come to terms with the reality that as they do to their husband or wife, that their own actions are returned back upon them.   And when you deny and limit the potential of your spouse, you inhibit your own potential.    Only when a man and woman creates the necessary environment where there husband or wife can develop to their full potential, can each of them even begin to reach and achieve their own potential.   And this is true both intellectually and spiritually.    

It can be observed that the western religions are focused upon what they call the Kingdom of God coming upon the earth.   It's coming has long been predicted in man's synagogues -- we hear it in our Churches -- and in Islam it would be a world-wide caliphate manifest in the earth.   And while mankind has countlessly predicted its coming, this predicted arrival of the Kingdom upon the earth is in direct opposition to the statement of Jesus with respect to its arrival.   In fact, the Second Epistle of Clement preserves the answer when this very question was set before Jesus as seen in the words: “Let us expect, therefore, hour by hour, the kingdom of God in love and righteousness, since we know not the day of the appearing of God. For the Lord Himself, being asked by one when His kingdom would come, replied, 'When two shall be one, that which is without as that which is within, and the male with the female, neither male nor female’”.    What is confirmed in the foregoing is the statement of Jesus at Luke 17:20-21 that the Kingdom of God is within each of us -- and it is therein we must seek it.  But, for the Kingdom to come within the seeker, they must possess Wholeness -- and Wholeness is dependent upon not only the union of what is portrayed as male/female -- but the development of mind and being within the Divine Pattern of Creation.   This Wholeness is portrayed in the words:  "...'When two shall be one, that which is without as that which is within, and the male with the female, neither male nor female’”.    Which provokes the question: How can we as man or woman, become "neither male nor female” And if this is indeed a requirement necessary for the Kingdom to come within the body and mind of the individual people, then it would be ultra-important to understand the process of brining this about in our lives.

If the foregoing statement attributed to Jesus only appeared in this one Epistle of Clement, then it could easily be questioned and dismissed by the modern Christian.   But, this same question on how the Kingdom must be entered was asked of Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas: (22) Jesus saw infants being suckled. He said to his disciples,  "These infants being suckled are like those who enter the kingdom."  They said to him, "Shall we then, as children, enter the kingdom?"  Jesus said to them, "When you make the two one, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below, and when you make the male and the female one and the same, so that the male not be male nor the female female... then will you enter the kingdom."  Once again, in order to enter the Kingdom which Jesus taught was within us, we see the same requirement "...and when you make the male and the female one and the same, so that the male not be male nor the female female... then you will enter the kingdom"   This important teaching exists in a parallel form in verse 12, of the 66th chapter of the Gospel Of The Nazirenes: And one said to him, Teacher, when shall the Kingdom come? And he answered and said, When that which is without shall be as that which is within, and that which is within shall be as that which is without, and the male with the female, neither male nor female, but the two in One. They who have ears to hear, let them hear."     

In view of the above direct quotations from the earliest of Christian biblical sources, we can conclude that the modern concept of marriage embraced by the Church has absolutely nothing in common with the teachings on marriage of Jesus.   This is demonstrated by the fact that Christians who get married do not gain entrance into the Kingdom within them.   Which means that the whole concept and purpose of marriage as set forth by the Church, does not fulfill the requirement of the "...male with the female, neither male nor female, but the two in One."    And the fact that the Inner Kingdom can only be entered through the Oneness of male/female through the Divine Marriage and the restoration of Wholeness -- and that the modern Church does not at all understand either the means or reality to bring this restored Wholeness about in the life of the believers -- is the reason why I have written the following article on The Divine Marriage. 








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As on Earth, so in Heaven

The Great Higher Reality of Mankind






Within the Divine Pattern of Marriage lies the secrets to overcoming man's own divided nature -- i.e., both the division within himself with respect to his soul and spiritual natures, and ultimately man's division with God.  Jesus taught that the Kingdom will never come upon the earth so as to be seen, because it is within you (Luke 17:20-21).  Thus, the problem and great dilemma!  In order to enter this inner Kingdom, man must re-merge his own divided masculine and feminine natures as portrayed in the biblical account of Adam and Eve -- re-enter Eden through the purification of the body/mind and eat the fruit of the Tree of Life -- and then use this Sacred Knowledge to open the inner door to the Kingdom as depicted in the words of Jesus when he said: "Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in  by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it" (Matt 7:13-14 NKJ).  This inner gate to the Kingdom can only be entered by the most faithful disciples of the Light -- i.e., those who desire Truth over manmade doctrines and traditions -- and the secrets to overcoming our divided nature is learned when husband and wife immerses themselves in the Pattern of Divine Marriage where the two become "One Flesh".  In a world where men rarely listen to women except when they desire sex -- or perceive the innate wisdom of the feminine mind -- and women seek independence, this commandment to enter the "narrow gate" has become impossible -- to the detriment of all mankind.

This question was posed to me with respect to the teachings of The Way as outlined throughout this website where a woman wrote: I have a problem with this whole "traditional marriage" idea. Sounds like the old setup where the woman is treated as a second-class citizen, a slave. The wife becomes a mere piece of property owned by the husband. "Man is head of the household". Translation: The woman is not supposed to think for herself. Why must a wife take only what her husband provides. What is wrong with her having her own independence??

The question being asked is not easily answered. Why? Because the relationship of male, female, marriage and sex possesses a depth that few men and women are able to even contemplate in their natural (physical) state of mind. The problem is that in the paradox of Creation there exists multiple realities that are equally true, even though they oppose and conflict with what seems to be other truths. What this means is that men and women are a paradox unto themselves -- i.e., they live in two different world -- they perceive life from a totally different perspective -- each can dominate in their own way, because their strengths are in the area of the others weaknesses -- they think from opposite spheres of the mind -- though they use a common language, they often derive opposite meaning -- and though they are often irresistibility drawn to each other, so long as they continue to dwell in different worlds, they can never know themselves or the secrets to life that they possess within them.  

Subjection is both necessary and relative -- i.e., men must also be in subjection to a woman in those areas where she is polarized positive and the dominant moving force! Once properly understood, male and female (positive and negatively charged) is dependent upon which area of the body/mind we are speaking of.  In a very important area the male is actually female in relation to his wife who is dominant, and if he is not in subjection to her in this very crucial region of mind/body, then there cannot be anything which would even resemble a genuine Marriage in the Spiritual meaning of the word.

In her younger days the radical feminist icon Gloria Steinem led the women’s liberation with the phrase: "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle". The image on the right of a fish riding a bicycle became a popular symbol that women put on their T-shirts, flags and other clothing.  While Gloria herself has recently married, what few feminists today will admit is the fact that the true role of women is even more of an enigma today, than it was prior to the burn your bra days when feminists everywhere demanded liberation and equality.

One of the greatest lessons the people of our modern culture must learn is that equal does not mean the same. Perhaps this is best expressed in the introduction of the long ignored book Brain Sex, by Anne Moir and David Jessel, where they wrote: "Men are different from women. They are equal only in their common membership of the same species, humankind. To maintain that they are the same in aptitude, skill or behaviour is to build a society based on a biological and scientific lie".

The key to the dilemma that confronts us today is further seen in the words of the authors with respect to their opposition to the ideas we teach our children in our modern-day politically correct culture: "What you will read in this book about the differences between men and women may make both sexes angry or smug. Both reactions are wrong. If women have reason to rage, it is not because science has set at naught their hard-won struggle towards equality; their wrath should rather be directed at those who have sought to misdirect and deny them their very essence". The book then goes on to embrace the very real statement that "Women should contribute their specific female gifts rather than waste their energies in the pursuit of a sort of surrogate masculinity. A woman’s greater imagination can solve intractable problems - be they professional or domestic - at one apparently intuitive stroke."

More recently another (female) researcher named Dr Luan Brizendine has authored a book named The Female Mind.   Dr. Brizendine, whose book is based on her own clinical work and analyses of more than 1,000 scientific studies, added: "There is no unisex brain.  Girls arrive already wired as girls, and boys arrive already wired as boys. Their brains are different by the time they're born, and their brains are what drive their impulses, values and their very reality.  I know it is not politically correct to say this but I've been torn for years between my politics and what science is telling us.  I believe women actually perceive the world differently from men.  If women attend to those differences they can make better decisions about how to manage their lives."   These more informed decisions are basically impossible for most women in today's culture because of the biological lie that is being promoted due to political correctness.

The problem is that because we dwell in a world that is generally defined by a male linear perspective, the true nature and depth of the feminine mind is largely an unexplored realm of vast substance and opportunity.   In fact, once this far reaching reality is truly realized, one must begin to acknowledge that even men are severely anchored and inhibited by their own and societies ignorance with respect to the higher purpose and untapped potential of the female mind.  In this respect, woman is the missing element in (male) man's search for God and the meaning of life -- and vise versa.  

One of the paramount problems is that men do not comprehend the potential of the feminine psyche.   In a recent reply from one of the leading misogynist web sites on the web as to the potential of women, I was told that: "As to whether women have any potential for a higher mental life . . . that's something that is impossible to conclude".   On his website he quotes Otto Weininger, who writes that: "Women have no existence and no essence; they are not, they are nothing. Mankind occurs as male or female, as something or nothing. Woman has no share in ontological reality, no relation to the thing-in-itself, which, in the deepest interpretation, is the absolute, is God."   While it is true that radical feminism and misogynistic thought is not the prevailing view among the greater majority of men and women in our society today, it is also truth that these very biased and ill informed positions have strongly influenced our cultures throughout the history of man.  

The problem is that both the feminists, as well as the misogynic and patriarchal elements they oppose, have each succeeded in chaining and limiting both men and women by the philosophies they espouse.  Thus, by virtue of the prevailing religious, social, and politically correct ignorance that consumes our present-day culture and society, very few women even understand their unique gifts which our Creator has endowed upon the feminine gender. Moreover, because women perceive, think and speak from a diametrically opposite spectrum of mind, few men can either make sense of the native female reality, and even fewer are able to perceive the importance of the feminine reality in the greater vision of Life.  They therefore to their own demise simply dismiss what they do now possess the wherewithal to comprehend.

Equal does not mean the same: No matter what they do, women will never possess the physical strength -- the linear thought pattern -- the sense of direction -- the dynamic focus and perception -- and many of the other powers of mind that is natural to the male sex -- but neither are then meant to -- and if women desire to live and think in the manner of men, then they will have squandered away their greatest strengths and abilities in what the authors of Brain Sex called "…a sort of surrogate masculinity"! In recognition of the foolishness of the equal means the same politically correct flawed philosophy of many in the feminist movement, such feminists as Camille Paglia has herself in opposition stated: "Kill the imagination, lobotomize the brain, castrate and operate: then the sexes will be the same" (Sexual Personae, p23).  

If this were not enough, what few women today are even aware of is the fact that the feminist struggle has produced still another conflict which pits equity feminist against the emerging group of what is commonly referred to as gender feminists.  Going still further, we have what is now being referred to as second wave and third wave feminists.  Of these last two groups one activist on the internet states: "We find ourselves frustrated with the Women's Centers on University campuses for not addressing the real issues we face every day. We find ourselves nonplussed after 'women's group' meetings, wondering why they feel vaguely like a waste of time."   

One of the proponents of this third wave movement perhaps hit the nail directly on the head when she made the statement on her web site: "Ignorance is the woman-killer. Ignorance is the little-death that brings total obliteration." While many well meaning men and women have continually contributed their ideas on how to overcome the obstacles that women face, the above words are the most profoundly true with respect to ignorance -- i.e., ignorance about our true nature -- ignorance about sex, marriage and the meaning of life -- ignorance about even the very purpose of life itself.

Thus, we have traditional women; traditional equality feminists; gender feminists; second and third wave feminists; and every other sort of variation imaginable among the masses of women today -- and in many instances, each group touts a different political agenda and position regarding the place of women in society.  If, therefore, the complaint of many men is true with respect to their inability to understand what women want, or what women expect of them (men ) -- finding it difficult to approach women because of their confusing equality politics in the past -- the idea of whole new strains of feminism with totally different sets of rules and foundational concepts, will possibly drive them to abandon all accepted ideas of male/female social protocol.  

The problem is that while this may seem acceptable to some women, this state of confusion gives credence to still another element to the equation that few feminists want to admit -- i.e., the age old notion that women like to hear themselves talk and complain, and don't really know what they want!  Isn't one of the foundational principles of the popular book Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, that women don't really want to hear men's solutions -- but rather, for men to just listen to them?  Which, from a male perspective is interpreted that women just want to talk and complain, and they have no real objective or goal as a man would interpret a problem from his linear perspective.

Rightfully, many modern-day feminists even view religion and God as the nemesis that seeks to define women in a what they consider a subservient role.  They point to the religion of Islam where women are often required to wear a burka -- they cannot be employed -- and cannot even leave their home without being escorted by a male family member.  In Hindu cultures women must often walk behind men because they are viewed as being inferior.  While it is true that Judaism, and especially Hebrew Mysticism, promoted equality among the sexes (though males and females were cast into differing roles), much of the history of the Christian Church could easily be considered anti-woman.  In this respect, one of the most ignorant and profoundly anti-female statements ever published was that made by Martin Luther, the Father of the Protestant Reformation, who made the statement: “God created Adam master and lord of living creatures”, Luther writes, “but Eve spoilt all, when she persuaded him to set himself above God's will. Tis you women, with your tricks and artifices, that lead men into error” (Quoted in: The Great Thoughts; compiled by George Seldes).  Thus, by relegating women to a lesser level of importance, what Martin Luther unknowingly did was lay the foundation for the spiritual darkness that would consume the Christian Church -- a spiritual darkness and alienation from the essence of Gospel thought that continues for the most part even in our present day.  The problem is that without a more enlightened spiritual understanding of the symbolism of Adam and Eve and the fall of man, there can be no hope of eating the fruit of the Tree of Life and entering into the Heavenly Kingdom that Jesus proclaimed.  Because of the limited understanding of men such as Luther who rightfully opposed the corruption in the Roman Church, but had little understanding of the Divine Pattern of Creation, the breakaway Churches that enlisted under the banner of Protestant have for the most part failed in their higher purpose to reveal God to mankind.  

Why?  If it is true that man was created male and female by virtue of being made in the image and likeness of God, then it is reasonable to at least be open to the possibility that God possesses these same gender elements within Himself.  In view of the fact that the original language root of the Holy Spirit, which is the third triad of the Trinity, is feminine, it would also be reasonable to at least consider the possibility that an anti-female bias might possibly erect a mental and spiritual wall between the Christian believer and the Comforter (Holy Spirit), which the New Testament Scriptures states is the Divine Revealer which will teach the believer the Revelation of the Mysteries and True Word of God!  Further, this possibility becomes a viable reality when it is realized that many of the core documents derived from the now accepted Essene foundation of New Covenant thought, speak openly about Mother/Father God. 

What is the solution?  We must begin to recognize that men and women not only are physically opposite, they also perceive and comprehend the world from opposite polarities of the spectrum. Therefore, the solution to the problem is not only complex, but is further complicated by a twofold enigma that few of us are able to overcome. The male vision of life which tends to be expressed in a linear-mathematical perception, is complimented by the cyclic, magnetic and intuitive perception of the female. What this means is the foundation of both our scholarly and scientific pursuits -- which are predominately from a male perception -- are all in error.

Perhaps a practical example of the interaction of the two modes of thought can be observed in the workings of an electrical generator.  The magnetic force field which is fixed, can be compared to the male manner of thinking -- i.e., linear, orderly, and predictable.  The female would be represented in the cyclic interruption of the spinning armature that breaks the force field in rhythmic sequences, which movement within the field in turn causes a flow of current to move through the wires where it can be utilized to power our electrical appliances.   Thus, neither the magnetic force field or the cyclic spinning armature alone can create out of the elemental nature of either of the two, what can only be accomplished together.   

The problem is that the traditional male dominant view and perception of the world is severely limited in its scope and clarity of vision, because it lacks the dimension that is more easily perceived and detected by the female mind.  When scientist David Foster described "an intelligent universe" whose apparent concreteness is generated by cosmic data from an unknowable, organized source (see science ), he was making reference to the holographic theory which concludes that "our brains mathematically construct hard reality by interpreting frequencies from a dimension transcending time and space. The brain is a hologram, interpreting a holographic universe." When we add to this the statement by brain scientist Karl Pribram when he said: "It isn’t that the world of appearances is wrong; it isn’t that there aren’t objects out there, at one level of reality. It’s that if you penetrate through and look at the universe with a holographic system, you arrive at a different reality, one that can explain things that have hitherto remained scientifically inexplicable: paranormal phenomena… synchronicities, the apparently meaningful coincidence of events" (quoted in the February 1979 issue of Psychology Today).

What this means is that the predominate male perception of the world which we are customarily taught in our schools, is at best only a very partial vision of life -- a vision that interprets a multidimensional holographic universe in a linear, mathematical perception. Why is it partial?  One of the essential elements that it is missing is the female cyclic perception that is non-linear and intuitive, rather than mathematical -- and like our above example of the electrical generator, when the two are brought together in harmonious accord, suddenly an invisible force enters the picture -- and in the manner of the flow of electrical power, the vision and perception that is born within the two can be the means of great mental and spiritual enlightenment. Thus, the problem: Because this female perception does little to connect the dots together in a linear fashion that men can easily comprehend, the male mind cannot make sense of what his female counterpart attempts to convey to him, so he tends to ignore and disregard it. 

What it boils down to is that because men cannot make sense of the female intuitive perception -- i.e., her ability to know certain things without the use of books or traditional resources -- her ability to sense other realities that are parallel to this realm -- realms that make little sense to the average male perception of the world -- her dependency upon a reasoning state of mind that often defies male logic -- her ability to sense the cause of certain events that is not apparent to her male counterpart.  The result is that men define what is important from a linear perspective, and the male dominated society then takes young girls and teaches them to see things from a male linear perspective.  While this permits her to seemingly function in a male dominated world, anything to do with the young girls natural intuitive abilities is quickly suppressed.  Thus, while women are not as fish riding a bicycle, they are very much as fish who have been forced into a role out of their natural environment.

It isn't that the female perception of reality is more genuine than that of the male -- women do not see a greater or higher truth than her male counterpart.  But she does have the ability to see and perceive what men generally do not -- and each sex is equally parochial and partial in what it sees and understands. 

The ancient Hebrew holy men of spiritual vision speak of the need to perceive reality through the mind’s eye -- and like a child, this higher vision must be conceived through a harmonization of the two, consciously nurtured, and then developed and matured in order to perceive a deeper level of reality.  Admittedly, this is extremely difficult, because very little in our modern society provides the necessary environment and support for this necessary soul and spiritual level of union and marriage to even exist.

The result is that many women are unable to even express what they intuitively sense to be a higher reality and truth.   They rightly feel they are restrained and even chained to a male dominated world -- and in many respects, their feelings are valid. Women of the past often complained that men viewed them as little more that sex objects!  While is is true that men tolerate women, and view them as sexual partners -- i.e., "Women are nothing but machines for producing children"  Napoleon Bonaparte -- the traditional male/female marriage relationships often possess a great void that many women sense as a lack a true depth that they cannot even put into words and describe to their male counterparts. 

They are unhappy -- and yet, they don't know why!   Many women feel that they are not living up to their potential -- and yet, they haven't the slightest idea just what that potential is.   All the solutions that men -- and even feminists -- conjure, just leave them with a great void somewhere deep within the essence of their being.  When they are stay at home moms, many of then long for a career.   When they have a career, they feel an even greater emptiness within them.   When they are working moms -- and even super-moms who attempt to have it all -- they eventually feel like slaves.   And while the feminist liberation movement has brought them a feeling of independence from what they perceive to be traditionally defined female roles, it has done little to fulfill their innate desire for depth and greater substance -- a fact that is attested to by many of the anti-feminist female voices that are being raised today.

This male dominated linear reality brings to light one of our most paramount problems.  In ancient societies -- and especially that of the Hebrews -- young girls were never taught with males, and neither were they taught in the same manner as boys.  When the authors of Brain Sex wrote that "Women should contribute their specific female gifts rather than waste their energies in the pursuit of a sort of surrogate masculinity. A woman’s greater imagination can solve intractable problems - be they professional or domestic - at one apparently intuitive stroke", paramount to this becoming a reality we must stop treating young women as surrogate men, and instead develop their potential as women.

One of the more serious problems in our society today is seen in the fact that many of the leaders among men's and women's groups do not want either change, truth, or a solution to the problem, because that would undermine their political position -- resulting in a loss of political power.  As an example: When I applied to be a member of the Feminist Web Ring (see web rings below), I was turned down because what I am writing is perceived as being contrary to the politics of Feminist leaders -- thus, I was told: "The website you submitted contradicts feminist theory. This webring is for FEMINIST sites, and is not a place to debate the merits of feminism or the need for it's existence."  Yet, this is a contradiction that is everyday depriving the greater majority of both men and women of the knowledge of both themselves and the meaning of life itself.  If what I am saying is true, then this knowledge is the very birth right of not only every woman, but should be the very cornerstone of genuine Feminist philosophy.  

In like manner, this site was not accepted into The Christian Web Ring because, according to the Pastor who operates the ring, it was rejected because of a "Lack of Biblical base for sites teachings."   Yet, if what I am stating is true, then what is being presented is perhaps the most important element in biblical thought, because it defines the Key of Knowledge that Jesus accused the counterfeit religious leaders of throwing away, and enables the believer to open the inner door to the Kingdom that Jesus declared (Luke 17:20-21).  Yet, modern religious authority will reject what is presented here for much the same reason as both the Feminist and other such groups -- i.e., the Truth undermines both their monetary and political power base and structure.

Woman is more than she physically appears: The wise among the ancients knew that the developed female mind could easily access realms that were all but forbidden to most men.  These feminine adepts were known as prophetesses -- with perhaps the most famous being that of the Sibyl -- which role as prophetess could only be fulfilled by a female.  Accordingly, the second century Church Father Clement of Alexandria writes that in the Epistles of the Apostle Paul there at one time existed a statement which was evidently removed at a later time which affirmed that the coming of Christ was predicted by the Sibyl.  Quoting Clement who himself quotes Paul: "Take also the Hellenic books, read the Sibyl, how it is shown that God is one, and how the future is indicated. And taking Hystaspes, read, and you will find much more luminously and distinctly the Son of God described, and how many kings shall draw up their forces against Christ, hating Him and those that bear His name, and His faithful ones, and His patience, and His coming."  

What, then, is the solution to this rather bazaar dilemma that plagues us today?   In order embrace the fullness of her femininity, and take her place as a viable marriage partner and a source of intuitive perception, wisdom and understanding, it is necessary for a young girl's mind to be developed along feminine lines of thought and mental ability.  She is a woman -- she is very different than her male counterparts -- and she must first be permitted to grow and discover what it is to be feminine.  She must understand the power and uniqueness of her mind with respect to its opposite reality to that of her male counterparts, and especially her future husband.  The problem is that she cannot do this when her mind has been programmed to think and respond in the manner of a male -- imitate a male -- aspire to male oriented goals -- and live in a unisex environment.   Ultimately, the more young girls adopt the traditional male linear perspective and manner of thinking that they are being taught today, the more they become alienated from their own feminine perception and gifts of mind.

For the most part, men have no concept of the fact that they only perceive and function within a narrow spectrum of mind and reality.  What they see and think appears very clear to them, and they have no idea that parallel realms exist that women are able to easily perceive and access.  These parallel realms are of the utmost importance, because without the intermingling of both male and female perceptions and thought, the two will remain hopelessly lost in their quest to understand themselves and the life they are presently living.   

The great truth that the majority of men and women are unable to realize and come to terms with, is the reality that both male and females -- and their sexual relationship -- is in and of itself multidimensional. What this means is that the propagation of the species is not the only aspect of the reality of sex between men and women -- and is in fact a symbol of a higher dimension of being that few people today are able to perceive and comprehend. In fact, while those who are able to harness the power of the mind in the control of the body can inhibit procreation on a physical level, the other eleven functions of the sex center continue to function.   More than propagation, sex is an integral element in the Divine Pattern of Creation, and it has far reaching ramifications that the majority of people are simply not prepared to comprehend.

All of life, as well as all genuine religions, have a common goal -- i.e., to overcome man’s divided state and be At-One with our Source of Being which is God. The problem is that there are many levels of Creation that separate our world from that where it could be said that God dwells!  To this end, in addition to overcoming our own division of personalities in our physical self, we must also overcome the division between our pre-existent soul -- the division between our soul-self and our spiritual nature -- and the division between our physical-soul-spiritual self, and ultimately God. How this is accomplished is the source of much confusion and contention between the various religions, theological opinions, and philosophies the world over.

The main focus of most Eastern religions, as well as traditional Christian Gnosticism, was to retract from the world -- embrace meditation, chanting, and other disciplines intended to bring about a state of enlightenment and euphoria. In focusing on the glandular system of the physical body -- which glands are the points where man's spiritual nature touches the physical -- they are able to achieve ecstatic visions and perceptions of parallel spiritual realms -- a condition which they call enlightenment.   They do this by attempting to negate both the physical and mental/soul natures, and only focusing on man's spiritual self to the exclusion of all other human expression.  The practitioners of these religions live on a simple diet -- they normally abstain from sex -- and do not engage in the normal aspects of life  

Perhaps the exception to these traditional Eastern religions that embrace denial as a means of enlightenment, would be the practice of Tantra (the practice of Eastern sacred sex).  This would also be true of many of the indigenous religions as seen in the original understanding of the Easter (goddess of spring) celebration -- and the way of the ancient Egyptians where they utilized the services of Temple Prostitutes in their form of worship and enlightenment. The adherents of these sexual religious participants, though, possessed a knowledge and control of the body and its vital energies that placed them in a totally different category that is simply beyond the reach of the majority of people.

You have heard the saying: What you don’t use, you loose -- and while the Eastern focus on meditation and sensual denial brings about results over the course of time, it is a very slow and gradual path to the enlightenment they pursue. While many of the Easterners do succeed in overcoming the lower nature and opening their upper spiritual centers to ecstatic visions of man's innate higher reality, by not using the lower centers, the vital life-force becomes a trickle of energy in comparison to someone who leads an active sex life. With respect to Tantra and the way of the Egyptians, most people neither possess the knowledge necessary, and neither do they dwell within the necessary religious environment for this type of life to even begin to work.  Thus, those people in our modern world who claim to champion the path of sacred sex are often not motivated by a desire to embrace true spiritual enlightenment, but to indulge and explore the depths of extreme physical sensuality. 

The Hebrews, on the other hand, understood the Divine Pattern of Creation and Life, and were able to embrace this as a foundational element in their religious system (see ). One of the essential concepts of the religion of the Hebrews -- which evolved into the teachings of The Way with the advent of the Essenes and the historical Jesus -- is portrayed in this saying that is found in all the early Christian writings that were not sanitized by the Church of Rome with respect to finding the Kingdom of God: "When you make the two one, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below, and when you make the male and the female one and the same, so that the male not be male nor the female female; and when you fashion eyes in the place of an eye, and a hand in place of a hand, and a foot in place of a foot, and a likeness in place of a likeness; then will you enter the kingdom."

In many respects this saying of Jesus is the most important of all teachings! Yet we must also ask why this saying was removed from our Bibles by the later Church of Rome? Because it correctly portrays the Kingdom of God and the Second Coming of Christ as a purely spiritual experience in the life of the genuine disciple of The Way. What this means is that the second coming of Christ is a personal Armageddon, rather than the predicted end of the world -- and we cannot enter or find the Kingdom by waiting for it to come upon the earth (see Luke 17:20-21), because it is within us -- and cannot be found until we overcome our own divided nature.  It is as the Apostle said with respect to Christ being born within each of us: "My dear children, for whom I am again in the pains of childbirth until Christ is formed in you" (Gal 4:19 NIV).  The problem is that we have lost connection with the Divine Pattern, and we thus fail to comprehend that as with all births, the child of truth can only be conceived and born through the direct interaction of the male and female forces of Creation.  
From a biblical perspective, we must understand the Divine Pattern that is  replicated throughout all of Creation. "And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness... So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them" (Gen 1:26-27 KJV). If God (Elohiym), which in the Hebrew original of our scriptures is written in plural form, made man in His image, male and female, would it not also be true that the Eternal God contains the two polarities of Creation within Himself? That is not to say that the Eternal is divided -- but rather, within the One is the Two -- Father/Mother God in Total and Complete Harmony.  Moreover, in the same way that Adam was once Adam/Eve prior to the separation of Eve, these same Divine Male and Female Powers of God moved out into Creation in order to conceive, form, and nurture everything that ever was, is, and ever will be.   

What this means is that all of Creation is the product of the works of the Eternal -- and as the Two Divine Forces move out into Creation, the point where these Forces come together and interact -- this is the offspring or the Presence of the Son of God -- i.e., the Third Force of Creation. Moreover, if it is true that within God dwells the Male and Female polarities of Creation in a Perfect state of Balance and Divine Harmony, we would then be able to begin to comprehend why Jesus would warn that the Kingdom of God cannot come so long as the male and female remain in a divided state.  Perhaps more importantly is the comprehension that all of Creation is comprised of the Universal DNA of it's Creator -- i.e., male and female paradoxical polarities that must be harmonized through the offspring of the two that have become One.   

What this would indicate is that in ignoring the mandate given by Jesus to his followers at Matthew 5:48 where it commands that we are required to be Perfect -- i.e., "You, therefore, must be perfect, as your Heavenly Father is perfect" -- what we are in fact ignoring is the Key of Knowledge which is the means to overcome our divided male and female natures, and enter into the Kingdom via the process of rebirth where all has been brought into a higher reality of Absolute Oneness. 

We have all probably heard is said: Well, no one really knows the truth!  Yet, if the truth be told we would be forced to rephrase this statement to say: Everyone possesses the innate ability to know the Truth, if only they would begin to live the level of truth they know, more Truth would be given to them.  How can this be?  If man is created in the image of God, then we must open our minds to the spiritual concept that at any time man truly desires to know God, he has only to begin by observing the dynamics of life itself. He does this by looking past the facade of manmade cultural bias, political correctness, and manmade religious dogma, and endeavors to begin to see things as they really are -- i.e., as God sees them -- in order to learn about the higher order of reality. What this means is that while we are created in the image of God, ordinary people unknowingly live out the very essence and foundation of Creation -- and because they never contemplate the depth and substance of their daily experiences, they fail to see that they are immersed in the Divine Pattern of their Creator. What this means is that while the key to the discovery of all knowledge and understanding lies before them, they see it not -- because they look only on the surface, and fail to contemplate the depths of what they see.

The Apostle Paul warns us that the pattern of Creation is so clear, that not a single one of us will escape being held accountable for knowing God!   In the New Testament this warning is found in the Epistle of Paul to the Romans where it is written: "...since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities -- his eternal power and divine nature -- have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse" (Rom 1:19-20 NIV). Thus, we must recognize the great depth of the Apostle’s words when he states that "men are without excuse" because God can be revealed and understood through the contemplation of Creation itself!!!  In recognition of the far-reaching perception of the Apostle's words, we must then ask what is the highest order of the Pattern of Creation that can be observed in this world? From our vision of Creation, the only possible answer is man and woman. To the degree that God is revealed in the image and dynamics of man and woman, can then best be understood in the Apostles words when he wrote: "since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them".

How is it plain?  When it is realized that we dwell in a world of conflicting opinion and confusion, we must seriously question these words of Paul.  Evidently the Apostle could not have been on the same page as the rest of mankind -- or was he privy to a more enlightened perception that most of us are denied access to?  Men have been looking for the answers to life since the very dawn of time as we understand it -- and yet, for the most part, man appears to remain perplexed and confused.  Why?  Because man can never comprehend the meaning of Life or see the Kingdom of God that Jesus declared, until he first leans to reunite the masculine and feminine powers of Creation within himself -- i.e., re-establish Adam and Eve as Adam/Eve in the Garden -- and nurture the child of Truth that is born from the union of what was once divided.

From the Divine Perspective, all things emanate from a higher order -- and one has only to understand the pattern to contemplate the whole. If man and woman are made in the image and likeness of God, then mankind is a pattern of our Creator. What this means is that man only has to observe and seek out the essence of his own self, to begin to comprehend the secrets of the universe and Creation.

This great truth was especially seen in the words of the second century Church Father Clement of Alexandria who said that it is "…the greatest of all lessons to know one's self. For if one knows himself, he will know God; and knowing God, he will be made like God… and that man becomes God, since God so wills". In his treaties on The Soul and the Resurrection, St. Gregory writes that: "the Resurrection is no other thing than 'the re-constitution of our nature in its original form’", and states that there will come a time "…when the complete whole of our race shall have been perfected from the first man to the last".

When God, in the words of St. Nazianzen, no longer is an "object of wonder", but rather an "object of desire" -- and we, desiring to be purified from the defilements of this world, make ourselves fit vessels for the Lord to indwell, the Spirit, according to St. Nazianzen, reveals to us our true nature, and the revelation of this manifest Sacred Knowledge makes "us like God; so that when we have thus become like Himself, God may, to use a bold expression, hold converse with us as Gods, being united to us, and that perhaps to the same extent as He already knows those who are known to Him". St. Nazianzen then writes that "the Divine Nature then is boundless and hard to understand" by those who are yet carnal and think as natural beings of this world.

If these things are true, then we must pose the question: Why is the world enveloped in confusion; and why doesn't all men know the truth?  The problem is that the initial state of division which we must overcome is with our indwelling pre-existent soul -- and because the soul is asexual, and not of the substance of this world, few men or women are capable of either knowing their true selves, or their Creator God.  How can they?  Being either male or female, they not only see themselves as men and women -- but more importantly, they only possess one third of the puzzle to life from the perspective of their own gender based minds. They therefore remain hopefully lost in a world of spurious philosophy, counterfeit political correctness, and fraudulent manmade religious doctrines that continually leads them down the proverbial dead-end of life in their search for the answers to the dilemma that they perceive from their very limited gender based vision and understanding.

Throughout the history of man, most of our philosophies have been the work of men of great learning in the wisdom of this world -- and, in the words of the Apostle Paul: "For it is written: 'I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.' Where is the wise? Where is the scribe? Where is the disputer of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of this world?" (1 Cor 1:19-20 NKJ).  Yet, few Christians have ever contemplated why the Apostle would make such a statement -- i.e., that the wisdom of this world is always foolishness!  Moreover, in not understanding the foundational concept of why the Apostle made this statement, modern Christians have continually bound themselves over to the very worldly wisdom that Paul himself condemned as ignorance! 

How can I say such a thing, you will ask?  Because most wisdom and philosophy is based upon either the perception of life and the world from either a male or a female point of view -- and rarely have either sources attempted to first overcome their own divided nature, before they attempted to teach others and create their philosophical schools of thought.

The Bible reveals to man in a series of enigmatic symbols and forms the manner in which man is able to perceive Truth directly from the vision and understanding of God, rather than from the limitations of carnal man.  But the Bible is greatly misunderstood and misinterpreted, because it is perceived by men and women who themselves remain divided.  In order to even begin to comprehend the true meaning of the Genesis account of Creation, we must be prepared to seek within the forms the true meaning of the symbols and numbers which appear in the narrative of the text.   What is important is to begin to understand that what we perceive as two began as one -- and the two that we observe is in reality three -- and in the three, there is once again the return to the One. There is the (male) man who represents the active moving dynamic polarity, and this polarity exists throughout all of Creation. There is the female, who represents the opposite, magnetic reflective or passive polarity, and this polarity also exists throughout all of Creation. These two polarities once properly understood, permeates the very essence of not only this physical realm, but also that of thought, spirit, and the foundation of all of Creation.  Therefore, from the working dynamics of these two great Powers of Creation, everything else comes into being.  Moreover, if it is true that woman is negative to man's positive -- magnetic to man's dynamic -- and reflective to man active -- then woman is in fact a mirror image of man through whom he must not only look to see himself, but also his Creator God.   Further, as with all mirror images, man must become cognizant of the fact that the image he sees in the reflection, is always a reversal of his own form.  

Now the active principle is passive in its own way, just as the passive is active in its own way -- and all of life is brought into existence through the manifestation of their being. The secret, therefore, is never in the two, but in the magical third force that merges the two into One. It is here -- in the very center of where the two meet, that you will find the answers which will guide you in your quest for knowledge and understanding. Therefore, in any paradox, always search to find the third power that is not only the force of Creation, but also the very domain of mind and being. It is in this third force -- the force that merges the two into one -- that will enable you to uncover the ultimate answer to man's plight in this and all other worlds. You will always find this third force at the point where the two interact with each other.

At the first light of day, wise men meditate and pray. Why? Because the power of the light of day and the dark of night are negated in the harmonization of the dawn. Thus, in their cosmic balance and harmony, the two have become one -- neither is dominant -- separation has been negated -- and the energies of Divine Creation are made manifest.

What is perhaps even more important for us to understand is that from the perspective of God, all the polarities of life are always in harmony. If we look at two hands, what we see would appear to be divided.  And yet, if we retract our focus to the point where we can see a man with two arms and hands working together, we see the two that are working in harmony with the One.  

Where man sees day or night -- which represents either one polarity of the other -- the vision of God transcends time and space, and all of Creation exits in a perpetual balance. Thus, if man is to begin to draw nearer to the vision of God, then he must look beyond this world of limited appearances where each of the polarities are envisioned separately, and perceive the movement of the forces of Creation from a much broader perspective. It is impossible, then, for us to walk in The Way, and draw nearer to God and the Heavenly Kingdom, until we open our mind and understanding to the greater vision of reality.

The man of wisdom is he who understands the power of God as manifest throughout all of Creation, and embraces these forces in his quest to consciously make himself part of God's pattern of life. At dawn, when the feminine force of night and the masculine force of day are negated without either being dominated by the other, the subtle energies within the body itself are more easily brought into harmony by the mind -- and can then be more readily used in the pursuit of one's inner spiritual quest. It is of course good to always be in prayer and meditation -- but any time that we can make ourselves a willing and conscious participant in the natural cycles and power of Creation, and immerse ourselves in its all encompassing force, we ourselves are nurtured by the Universal Forces of Creation.

The sun is a constant force, and yet the heavenly bodies that exist in this realm are constantly moving in a rhythmic manner within the Laws of Creation. They are in a state of perpetual cyclic motion -- i.e., day and night, winter, spring, summer and fall. The ancients understood that men and women who are imbued with these same patterns, grow and develop when the dynamic linear perception and thinking of the male (the sun) is interacting with the magnetic cyclic perception and thinking of the female (lunar).   Moreover, the higher truth is not a mere balance or combination of the two -- but rather, in the manner of a physical child is conceived, born, nourished and developed in a separate area of mind that is totally inaccessible to men and women in their natural (carnal) state.  

In the same way that the light of day moves from a position of lesser strength, to fullness, and then is subdued by the coming of night and darkness, all the polarities of Creation exist in this state of constant flux and movement. During those times when the cycles are negated when each of the opposite polarities are harmonized -- as at dawn -- natural man is able to use this balance to bring about change in his own life. Moreover, it is for this reason that the Hebrew Calendar is feminine (lunar) based, rather than solar.  The spiritual man who has overcome the forces of this world through the merging of his own inner opposites, is not as dependent upon the forces of nature to assist him, because he has reached a stage in his development where he has transcended the elemental powers of this realm.

If the scriptures are correct in the assertion that man is created in the image of God, what does that mean?  By nature, the male is bestowed with the active power of Creation from God -- it is physically manifest in his seed and throughout the totality of his being. We see the initial stages of this Divine Force at work every time a child is conceived and born. Yet, there is a greater dimension to this sexual reality that few people contemplate in their search for spiritual truth.  In the same way that from a physical perspective the woman takes this creative force from the man -- grows and nurtures it within herself until the child is born -- so too is the pattern of all of Creation. On a cosmic scale, we dwell in the very womb of Mother-God, and it is this world that matures the child until he is reborn into a full-grown spiritual child of God.

Does this sound outlandish?  In the writings of Clement, the first century disciple of the Apostle Peter, there is still contained one of the foundational principles that portray the divisions of heaven and earth where it is written: “But the world that now is, is temporary; that which shall be, is eternal. First is ignorance, then knowledge. So also has He arranged the leaders of prophecy. For, since the present world is female, as a mother bringing forth the souls of her children, but the world to come is male, as a father receiving his children from their mother, therefore in this world there come a succession of prophets, as being sons of the world to come, and having knowledge of men”.   Thus, Peter, through the writings of his disciple Clement, states that this world is female in relation to the dimension that we call spirit.   And in this we can begin to perceive both the dynamics of Creation, as well as one of the great concepts that set the religion of the Hebrews apart from the rest of the world’s religions.   

In our modern culture we have every variety of marriages conceivable.   But if we pose the question: What is a wife? From a spiritual perspective the answer becomes very complex.  Just because a woman lives with a man, and even bears his children, that does not make her his wife in the genuine spiritual meaning of the term where the two become One Flesh -- which term One Flesh indicates a condition where the body of the woman and that of the man are one and the same.  Thus, while any man/woman combination can usually bring forth a child as the result of their sexual union, very few are able to conceive and grow the child of Truth within them -- and even fewer yet can bring forth the Eternal Child of the Spirit as a result of their union.

The sacred power that has been entrusted to the male is all encompassing throughout Creation, and is evident and visible in every aspect of our lives. That we can observe it in the Creation of a new life in the form of a child, does not limit its universal scope and presence. The Power of Creation is a constant force in mankind, but few men are able to comprehend the full spectrum of its manifestation in their lives.

The sacrament of sex in a Divine Marriage can provide access through the bridge into the inner Kingdom of God.  In the same way that the man, who by nature, is bestowed with the Divine Creative Force of the Father-God, man can use this gift to bring forth life in the world in the form of a child, and he can also use this same power to bring forth life within himself. The problem is that few men, of their own, are able to utilize the power of Creation within themselves. As man truly comes to understand this fact of reality, he begins to understand the very higher purpose of this world in which we presently dwell -- but the question will remain as to whether he will be able to apply this great truth to every aspect of his life. In the manner of physically bearing a child, it is the woman who has the power to take the creative force from the man within herself, and return it back to him -- not only refined and at a higher vibration, but also more focused, in order to assist him in his quest to open the inner door of the Kingdom. Though in the Genesis account of Creation the woman was made from man, she is a Divine Creation of God who is charged with a Divine Purpose in the higher destiny of all mankind.

Every experience in life conveys the great truth that this energy that Originated with God and is extended and expressed within the man, was not only raised up within the woman, but was merged with her own very subtle essences in the process -- nurtured and developed -- and like the child that is physically born into this world, the spiritual child born within the two who are truly married, raise each up to new spiritual heights.

A man creates, and a woman grows what he creates. Woman then gives birth to the product of the union, and the two interact and mold their offspring to raise it up to maturity.  If we therefore internalize this process we can say that the final product of the union is a combination of the two. Thus, the two become one flesh -- not because their bodies become physically one and the same -- but rather, because their very subtle energies of mind and spirit have not only merged, but have been raised up and born anew -- and it is these spiritualized energies that totally immerse the flesh that bring them together in oneness. Thus, we see the higher vision of Creation when the two worlds are brought into a state of harmony and oneness.

This is the true meaning of the oral traditions of Israel where a man is not to say the name of Him who is referred to by the Prophet Daniel as the Ancient of Days. A man and a woman in their separation remain incomplete and lost. It is only when the man and the woman have been recreated by the intermingling and raising up of their vital energies -- when the two have been reborn in the spirit anew -- that together in total unison can they say, or even know the true name of God.

And if we pose the question as to why any woman wouldn’t be the man's wife? In a way she is. And in another way she isn't. A woman can very well be a wife in this world -- in accordance with worldly customs, and from a purely physical/traditional perspective -- because this world looks only upon what is external and superficial. The authorities of this world ordain a union regardless of the essence and substance of that union -- i.e., open, adulterous, and unions of unfaithfulness -- unions where the two are husband and wife by virtue of their dwelling under the same common roof -- and unions where the two do not even share a common name.  Thus, some person of worldly authority speaks words, and the two say "I do", and this supposedly makes the two "One Flesh"!   But does it?

In the Kingdom of our Heavenly Father, worldly customs that possess no spiritual essence means nothing -- and what men bind together on their own accord, without the power of God, is not complete and genuine. The key phrase that we are missing is seen in the words: "Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate" (Matt 19:6 NKJ).  It is the Kingdom of the Father that is eternal, and only what is genuine from a spiritual perspective is real! The problem with the union of male and female that is ordained in this world is that they are brought about by the lower laws of nature and carnal desire -- and they are not conceived and born out of the Eternal Creator.

In the majority of unions between a man and a woman, the man imparts the creative force to the woman -- not out of the sacredness of the union -- but because his biological inclinations which are driven by the laws of this world give him no other options. In today's society this is popularly known as raging hormones.  The same is true with the woman. She receives this power to attract the man because of customs and traditions, and to fulfill her own inclinations of the flesh.  Men and women need each other -- i.e., physically and emotionally -- and so they are drawn together.  But so too does the animals and all of nature.   Though there is nothing wrong with the marriages among men and women of this world -- especially when they are based upon genuine love and caring -- but unless the unions are nurtured in the Light of God in Truth and Faithfulness, most remain very much the marriages of this world. 

Being herself carnal and unspiritual, the majority of women cannot make themselves a part of the man in the biblical/spiritual sense of the term marriage. Thus, she is unable to return the vital life-force back to him in a spiritually refined manner in order merge the energies of mind and spirit -- that the two who are One will be able to open the doors to the Kingdom together.  They may love each other -- they may share their lives together and raise a family -- but like life itself, marriage was Ordained by God to serve a higher purpose!   Unless the two walk the spiritual path that merges their divided natures into a new creation where the forces of male and female are negated through perfect harmony and Oneness, they have yet to reach the true and ultimate depth of the Divine Marriage.

These vital sexual energies with which men and women are bestowed by virtue of being the offspring of God, are sacred -- but few men and women perceive the sacredness of their union.  When religious people eat and partake of food, they often pray first and give thanks? Most religious observant people do as a matter of custom and tradition. And yet, even greater spiritual nourishment can be received through the intermingling of the vital energies of husband and wife when they come together -- but how many possess the same Godly vision of sex as their Creator?   How many pray? How many give thanks? How many beseech God to move within them during sex and truly make them One in His Light? 

Man has the power to rise above the level of the beasts and the beings of the lower world. He has the power to lift himself up to the heavens.  But to accomplish this, he must first understand that the power to create in the image of God does not originate in the flesh -- but rather, in the spirit.  

Being themselves of a mind associated with the flesh and consciousness of the physical body, few men are able to even comprehend that they are truly a divine being -- a god -- and a Child of the One God.  While this concept may sound sacrilegious to the modern Christian, it is well represented in both the Old and New Testaments: "I said, 'You are gods, and all of you are children of the Most High'" (Ps 82:6 NKJ); "Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, You are gods?" (John 10:34 NKJ).  If, then, men are gods, and all are offspring of the Most High, then the power and gift of sex is Divine.  In most instances, though, neither men nor women understand the sacredness of the sexual relationship.  Man does not give of himself to the woman as an act of worship in the sacredness of spiritual creation. In like manner, the majority of women do not even comprehend the sacredness of the union of man and woman -- and so, being molded by the customs and thinking of this realm, she expels this energy out of herself and into the world where it is squandered away and lost. This man, then, who is of a natural mind and of this world, is not a husband; and neither is the woman a wife in the genuine spiritual meaning of the word -- but rather, they make themselves vessels or roads through which the power of this world bleeds off the Sacred Power of Creation to use in an elemental way.

In more traditional societies women and young girls are taught to dress modestly, live conservatively, and maintain a subjective role as wife to her husband.  Why?  Are such societies simply old fashion?  The problem is that our present-day culture is so out of tune with man's higher mental and spiritual reality, that it can be said that our culture itself is a detriment to the development of mankind.

In order for the woman to raise up the vital (sexual) life-force that is imparted into her by the man, she must not only possess the spiritual mindset to utilize these energies in a higher (than carnal) manner, but she must also be bonded to her husband and be able to return these energies back to him in a more refined and higher vibratory frequency of the spiritual spectrum.  If she therefore dresses in a provocative manner which is stimulating to males other than her husband, this vital life-force is bled off.  If she is consumed with her manner of dress, jewelry, or things of a material nature, then this vital life-force is again bled off.  If a woman works, and is employed outside the home -- especially around men other than her husband -- then this energy is again bled off.  Only if she is bonded to her husband -- and her own energies are used in the raising of their children and the building up of the home -- and her mind and spiritual natures are consumed in the pursuit of higher Truth, is she able to raise up these vital energies that cause the child of Truth to be born in the Marriage.  In like manner, her husband must be totally faithful to his wife -- bonded to his wife -- and himself be consumed in the pursuit of higher Truth.  

The Secret of Creation is found within the pattern of the marriage -- where the two become one and the same flesh -- the divisions are overcome, and something new is born from the union. Thus, the marriage is the Divine Pattern of all of Creation -- and has been given to man to be used for Divine purposes in his life. The two are made one -- not by words, customs, or the intermingling of physical bodies -- but rather, they are made one flesh when they are of one mind and spirit. In a Genuine Marriage the husband and wife not only live for each other and the Higher Truth of the Sacred Union, but also in total harmony with God's vital energies and life-force of Creation that constantly moves within their being. Regardless of how physically distant they are from each other, they have become a part of each other, and continue to vibrate together in a perpetual state of Oneness.

The same forces which are at work within the pattern of the marriage, are at work in the world both without us, as well as the Kingdom within us. Within man lies the kingdoms of many powers that, though are all from the One, in the generation of Creation, have taken on an individuality of their own. It does not matter, then, whether you look out into the world, or whether you search the scriptures, or whether you search within your own house, man is immersed in the pattern of Creation, and he partakes of it in everything he does.





















The Gospel of Thomas



The Gospel of Thomas proclaims a unique and very different message from the current "accepted" New Testament Gospels. In contrast to the way in which he is now portrayed,




These are the secret sayings which the living Jesus spoke and which Didymos Judas Thomas wrote down.






















The Gospel of Thomas



The Gospel of Thomas proclaims a unique and very different message from the current "accepted" New Testament Gospels. In contrast to the way in which he is now portrayed,




These are the secret sayings which the living Jesus spoke and which Didymos Judas Thomas wrote down.


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In the recently discovered Gospel of Thomas it is written: (12) The disciples said to Jesus, "We know that you will depart from us. Who is to be our leader?" Jesus said to them, "Wherever you are, you are to go to James the righteous, for whose sake heaven and earth came into being."   So to once again restore the teachings of TheWay which is today known as Christianity, the Lord has sent Jacob/James, the Brother of Yeshua/Jesus, back into the world in order to guide the faithful flock into the Truth, the Light, and the Kingdom within (Luke 17:20-21).   It is there that my brother Yeshua/Jesus awaits you.

The above warning with respect to the predicted corruption of Yeshua's teachings is further stated in the first century writings known today as the Clementine Recognitions where it is written: "Our Lord and Prophet, who hath sent us, declared to us that the wicked one, having disputed with Him forty days, and having prevailed nothing against Him, promised that he would send apostles from amongst his subjects, to deceive.  Wherefore, above all, remember to shun apostle or teacher or prophet who does not first accurately compare his preaching with that of James, who was called the brother of my Lord, and to whom was entrusted to administer the church of the Hebrews in Jerusalem, — and that even though he come to you with witnesses: lest the wickedness which disputed forty days with the Lord, and prevailed nothing, should afterwards, like lightning falling from heaven upon the earth, send a preacher to your injury, as now he has sent Simon upon us, preaching, under pretense of the truth, in the name of the Lord, and sowing error. Wherefore He who hath sent us, said, ‘Many shall come to me in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. By their fruits ye shall know them.’" 

Again it is warned by Clement: "Wherefore observe the greatest caution, that you believe no teacher, unless he bring from Jerusalem the testimonial of James the Lord’s brother, or of whosoever may come after him. For no one, unless he has gone up thither, and there has been approved as a fit and faithful teacher for preaching the word of Christ, — unless, I say, he brings a testimonial thence, is by any means to be received. But let neither prophet nor apostle be looked for by you at this time, besides us. For there is one true Prophet, whose words we twelve apostles preach"

As predicted, the ministers of Satan have succeeded in altering the teachings of my brother Yeshua, and continue to lead many into the abyss of darkness.   But have no fear my brothers and sisters, for the teachings of TheWay has been restored so that you might be able to overcome the darkness, and enter the Kingdom of Light within you (Luke 17:20-21). 



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The Brother Of Yeshua/Jesus: 2000 years ago I lived as Jacob who many all James, and I was known as the Brother of Yeshua and the first leader of the New Covenant movement of TheWay which is today known as Christianity.  I was sent back into the world to restore the teachings of my brother Yeshua to their original spiritual essence, and to guide you in TheWay that is "narrow" so you will be able to open the "strait gate" within you and enter the Kingdom that Yeshua declared must be attained through the second birth.  

The Ebionite HomePage: If you call yourself a Christian, Jew, Messianic believer, Evyonim, Nazarene or Muslim, then it is imperative that you learn of the Ebionites who are True Spiritual Israel -- They are the Poor Ones to the ways and thinking of this world -- The Ebionites were the Israelites of the Nazirene Vow They are/were the Genuine Disciples of Yeshua/Jesus who are in the world and not of it!   

The Nazirene HomePage: The original spiritual teachings of Yeshua/Jesus as practiced by the people of The Way who where known historically as the Essenes, Ebionites, and Nazirenes. The teachings of The Way are Spiritual -- and provide a means to open the "strait gate" into the Kingdom while still physically alive in the body/vessel.  

The Master Index:  The Index of Nazirene Ebionite web sites and the Original Teachings of TheWay   

The Ten Words:  That restores the teachings of Jesus and TheWay to their original spiritual environment.     

Reincarnation - The Key To Christianity:    

The Light Of Yeshua -- The Messianic Nazirene Disciple of TheWay: While many teach that believers are saved by faith, the journey of the disciple of Yeshua is one of absolute dedication to The Way. The disciple who becomes a brother to Yeshua must live as he lived, and become a Nazirene who is consecrated and wholly set apart as they walk the Narrow Way, enter into the Kingdom through the Strait Gate, and learn directly from the L-rd -- the One Rabbi and Teacher of the Mysteries of G-d.  

Divine Strategery: How God Fools Mankind - Keeping Him Ignorant Of The Truth: Strategery has become synonymous with when what is portrayed as simple, simpleminded, or even self-evident, is able to dupe and thwart an opposing force that perceives itself to be either superior, or to suppose they know the answers.   Divine Strategery is how God fools all the religious leaders of this world who think they doctrinally know God -- all the would-be teachers and philosophers of this world who think they Know Truth -- all the Atheists and those who criticize and denounce the existence of God by virtue of their limited perception and understanding -- and all the people in this world who think they understand the purpose of life and the world in which we presently dwell.  As prodigal sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father, if the people in this life knew the answers, then the learning experience of God's SchoolHouse of this world would not effectively evolve us to become true Brothers and Sisters of our Elder Brother Yeshua/Jesus.  Therefore, in order to insure that each of us is immersed in the necessary learning experience that this life offers, all people are equally fooled into thinking they know, in order for them to be manipulated into embracing a higher agenda that is beyond their ability to even imagine.   Thus, Divine Strategery!!!


The Pre-Existent Soul of Mankind: Jesus taught the reality of the pre-existent soul that evolves to perfection over the course of many lifetimes. The Church adheres to the doctrine and theology of a Circus Prostitute and a Roman Emperor who maintained absolute control over what Christians were permitted to believe! Christians continue to cling to the theology of this Circus Prostitute today - rejecting the teachings of Jesus, while adhering to the doctrines of Pagan Rome. The mass confusion of an uncountable number of sects today, is the direct result of the void which was brought about when this foundational concept was removed from both the Bible, as well as Christian doctrine. The doctrinal quagmire which was brought about with the removal of this foundational teaching, obstructs Christians growth and maturity beyond the entry-level simple faith. Because they adhere to the corrupted doctrines of men, modern Christians can't inherit the Biblical Promise of entering the Kingdom and Life.


Being Of Light: Who are we?  What are we? From where have we come?  What is our destiny?  To the demise of those who read these words, only a handful of people today can answer these all-important crucial questions correctly! The rest dwell under the cloud of unknowing -- and if you think you are the person whose reflection you see in the mirror, then you are a stranger to your true self and have made yourself part of the illusion of this world. With great wisdom Yeshua/Jesus is quoted in The Books of the Savior, also known as Pistis Sophia (Faith-Wisdom): "Do not cease seeking day or night, and do not let yourselves relax until you have found all the Mysteries of the Kingdom of Light, which will purify you and make you into Pure Light and lead you into the Kingdom of Light."  

Gospel of the Nazirenes -- Gospel Of Light: What did the Gospels look like before being edited and re-written by the Church of Rome? What were the original beliefs of the first followers of Yeshua? You will be astonished when you read a surviving text of The Gospel of the Nazirenes which was hidden away from the corrupters of the Roman Church. Are you ready for a truly enlightening experience?  

The Gate Of Eden: Why were the Nazirene/Ebionites vegetarian?  Why did they live in accordance with the precepts of the Torah/Law?  Why did they live separate and apart from both Jews and Christians?  The answer is very simple: The Gate of Eden is within us, and if we fail to enter therein while we are still physically alive in the body, we will have failed in our opportunity to enter into Life.  And while it can be countered that we are saved by our belief in Messiah/Christ, faith, or the blood of the lamb, the truth is that if we were truly faithful disciples of TheWay, that we would experience the opening of the inner door and the Kingdom coming within us.  The GateOfEden article explores all aspects of the need to pick up one's own cross and follow the narrow path that leads to the inner gate to the Edenic Kingdom of Origination.  






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